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Correct exposure without a meter.

(1) Start with a bright sunny day. The best time is 10:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m.. Noon is the worst time for photos, because the shadows are too sharp.

(2) Have the sun to your back, facing your subject. This will reduce glare, allowing for deeper blue skies. Spring, Fall, and Winter are the best times for deep blue skies.

(3) Set your camera, and ISO to your disired speed.

(4) Set your F stop to the lowest number.

(5) Take a picture

(6) increase your F stop by one, and repeat this for all F stops available on your camera.

(7) Write down each setting for each picture taken, if your camera does not record your settings.

(8) Now print or display your photos. Select the one photo that has detail in the darkest, and detail in the lightest areas of the photo.

(9) Now use that setting every time you take photos on a sunny day. Even if you change lenses use the same setting.

(10) If you plan to use a filter. repeat steps 1-10 using that filter.

(11) Repeat steps 1 -10 for various weather conditions.


Using a meter.

Using a meter can sometimes not always be your best choice.

Example: You are photographying a subject with light colors, and in the back ground, forground, or even on the subject you have dark areas. The camera will meter off the area that is in the meters target area. A very dark area will tell that camera to open up the lense to let more light in. making your photo too light. The same applies in reverse for light areas. When photographing your subject in a sunset your subject will become a silhouette.

Solution: Walk up close to your subject, and meter off your subject. Then manually set your camera to that setting. Back up, and take your photo. If you can not get close to your subject. Hold your hand up in front of the camera, and meter off the palm of your hand. Then set your camera to that meter reading manually, and take the photo.









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