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Definition: Macrotography- The photography of small objects that can be seen with the naked eye. Anything smaller is microtography.

Tools include : Special lenses, screw on lenses, and devices such as a bellows or extentions that are attached betweeen the camera, and lense.

(1) Macro lenses can be purchase seperately, or as an integral feature built into a multi-function lens such as a Macro zoom lens.

(2) Some devices can be purchased to take any lens, and give it the properties to make it macro capable. These devices such: as a bellows which can be placed between the camera, and any ordinary lens. They are ajustable to provide moderate to near microtography results. You can also get small ring adaptors that are fixed results.

(3) With a bellows you can use any focal length lens. The longer the lens the great the distance away from the subject you can be. This will allow for more light to reach your subject.

(4) In application where you are very close to a subject , so close that you shade the subject from light source. To remedy this problem a ring light is used. A ring light is a round flash attachment that is conenected around the end of your lens.

(5) If you don't want to spend the money for one of these devices. You can be inventIive, and use carboard tubes of varying lengths to achieved the result you want. You will need to be creative in the way you attach them to the camera. You are on your own.!! Warning Peter Wright Photography will not be responsible for any damages incured.!!!

Photographing insects.

Many insects that require very close detailed shots are hard, if not impossible, because they are always moving. To remedy this. Contain the insect in some sort of jar, and place it in the refrigerator, not the freezer. In 30 minutes the insect will go into hibernation. Plan, and prep for your shots in advance. Remove the insect, and proceed to make your shots. The insect will wake up from it's hiberation in about 10 minutes un harmed, and no worse for wear.







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